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What new Windows 7 security tools are available?

Even if you're looking at prior or later operating systems, tools for multiple Windows 7 security tasks abound and should be useful across OS versions.

The answer depends on what types of Windows 7 security tools you're talking about. There are tools for malware protection, vulnerability testing, security management, etc. While many IT shops are focusing on moving from Windows XP or adopting Windows 8.1, others are using Windows 7, so tools for it are still significant.

The following are my favorite security tools. Most of them should work, regardless of the version of Windows you're running:

Your needs will certainly vary based on your role and your line of work administering Windows 7 workstations. That said, I highly recommend you check out these tools if you're in any way responsible for managing the security of your workstation environment. Your ability to effectively manage and protect PCs is directly proportional to the Windows 7 security tools in your toolbox. It's really no different than a surgeon, a mechanic or a carpenter in that regard.

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