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Why does my computer reboot itself even before the 'login' prompt?

I don't even get to the 'login' screen before my computer reboots itself. Rebooting in safe mode does not work, nor does last working configuration mode. Every time I turn the computer on, it just reboots at the same place over and over and over. I believe it is some sort of virus that somehow got into the system32 file. My obvious question is: how can remove the virus? Is there anything I can do at all? I even tried to reformat and even that comes up with errors and will not work!
It sounds like you may be having a hardware failure – especially since you formatted and still get errors. You should try another hard drive and hard drive controller if possible to rule out any issues in that area. Also, have you installed anything else recently? Something as seemingly-benign as a program or sound card can cause strange behavior such as this. As a last resort you can use Winternals' ERD Commander to try and get your system back in working order.

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