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Why does the active window sometimes lose focus?

There are several things that could cause the active window to lose focus in Windows 10, but check device drivers first.

In Windows speak, the window you're actively using is in focus. Sometimes in Windows 10, the active window loses...

focus. When this occurs, the active window is pushed to the background, and some other window becomes active. You might suddenly find yourself typing data into a different application.

Not every Windows 10 deployment experiences the problem of active windows losing focus, although the problem does seem to be somewhat common. Unfortunately, there is no universal fix for this problem. Fixing Windows focus issues seems to require trial and error.

If you are having trouble with active windows losing focus, review the device drivers that are installed on your system. Some early third-party device drivers for Windows 10 were allegedly responsible for loss of focus. There are a number of discussion board posts where Microsoft customers cited third-party wireless network drivers and video drivers as the cause of focus issues.

Once you verify that all your device drivers are designed for Windows 10 -- and make sure the latest versions of those device drivers are installed -- check the Windows Notification Center. New notifications are not problematic by themselves, but some people say that notifications can cause specific applications to lose focus under certain circumstances.

Another thing you can do is review the applications that run on your system. You should disable any unnecessary startup applications. You should also compile an inventory of the remaining applications, then check to make sure those applications are all up to date. Some applications that were designed for use with earlier versions of Windows require a patch to run correctly on Windows 10.

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