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Will my computer changes affect the SID?, part 2

I think the question actually asked in Will my computer changes affect the SID? was that if they cloned a PC by copying the drive and putting it in another PC, but changed the IP and name, would they have a problem? Correct me if I'm wrong, but they would both have the same SID (assuming that this was the only thing they did), and this would definitely cause a problem if they were on the same domain, and would be a mistake even if they were not.
I don't know if that was the question, but if it was, then yes, they can have problems. Changing the IP address and computer name will not change the computer's SID -- we learned that years ago with the first releases of the cloning utilities and NT. Many of these utilities have an option that will change the SID, and this appears to solve the problem. However, cloning a machine is still illegal if you do not have appropriate number of licenses.

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