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Windows 8 waits for specific Sysinternals suite support

Microsoft's Sysinternals suite of free tools may not specifically support Windows 8 yet, but it is still very useful, even for admins supporting the latest OSes.

Are there different Sysinternals tools for Windows 8 versus its predecessors?

Microsoft's Sysinternals suite is a helpful repository for free Windows utilities, but I'm not aware of any Sysinternals tools that are made specifically for Windows 8.

Not surprisingly, a search for "Sysinternals" in the Windows Store returns nothing. So-called Modern UI-style applications (not to be confused with the controversial user interface) are aimed at a different audience altogether.

The good news is that software from the Sysinternals suite will run on Windows 8, including some of the older tools such as Sync and NTFSInfo.

I run Windows Sysinternals tools quite often and recommend that you do the same. They can provide an amazing amount of information and utility when managing, securing and troubleshooting Windows. The minimum requirements are Windows XP and Server 2003, which isn't asking too much.

One of my favorite Windows Sysinternals tools is Process Explorer, which provides visibility into system usage and can reveal security vulnerabilities. Other useful Sysinternals tools include Process Monitor for watching activity in real time and TCPView for seeing which programs are using specific network connections.

Another neat resource I use in security assessments is AccessEnum, which shows you who has access to shares on your network.

In addition to Microsoft's main TechNet site for Windows Sysinternals, you can download and run the tools directly. A third-party tool called Windows System Control Center provides a cleaner way to manage and run the Sysinternals tools.

Keep an eye on these sites, and let us know when and if you see Windows 8 Sysinternals tools!

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