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Windows Server 2003 SP1 reliability

Site expert Jonathan Hassell gives his opinion on the reliability of Windows Server 2003, with or without Service Pack 1.

Have there been any issues reported post-Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1? Is Windows Server 2003 SP1 reliable?
Yes, there have been a couple of issues reported after the release of Service Pack 1. You can find a detailed list of each bulletin on all Microsoft products, delineated by month, at Microsoft's Security Bulletin Summaries page.

In terms of reliability, I can only offer my personal experience and second-hand reports. My two Windows Server 2003 machines, both updated to SP1 and in my server closet in the back, haven't been rebooted in at least four months and I see no reason to do so -- they are performing as well as they ever did. I also have reports from readers saying Windows Server 2003, with or without SP1, is the most stable version of Windows on the server ever released. I've had no problems and not heard of many, so if you have fairly mainstream hardware, I'd encourage you at this point to go ahead and make the move.

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