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Windows XP folder permissions management

Windows XP administrators can keep users from moving vital folders with this advice from Windows hardening expert Jonathan Hassell.

I have 50 Windows XP users on my network. We have folders that everyone can access via a shared drive and I need to know how to manage permissions on these folders. We have the problem where users are accidentally moving folders around by simply dragging them. I want the users to have as much access to these folders and the files beneath them as they need but I do not want them to move the folders. Is there a way to prevent this from happening, either by a security setting or a special prompt?
Moving a folder requires two sets of permissions: delete permissions in the place where the folder is originating, and create permissions on the place they're moving to. I suggest removing the delete permissions from your shared folder location, which will prevent a move. It won't prevent a copy, but your users would have to name the copy differently, and it's likely this would alert them to the fact they shouldn't be doing what they're doing.


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