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Windows can remember your passwords

Kevin Beaver explains how Windows can remember your passwords for you.

I do some banking online. When I set it up, Windows asked me if I wanted it to remember this password. I did. Now my bank wants to change my password for security reasons. How do I get Windows to remember my new password?
I'm assuming you're using Internet Explorer. Have you tried deleting your temporary internet files in Internet Explorer? That should do the trick. If you're using IE version 7, you can go to Tools/Internet Options/General/Delete/Delete passwords. Once you do that, you can then go back to the site and re-enter your password and tell IE to save it once again. Just be careful when deleting your passwords since that will delete all other passwords as well!

A user expanded on Kevin's response
My bet is that he is being phished and doesn't know it. It is also possible that this person has already been phished.

Kevin Beaver: This is a good point, this could definitely be a phishing attempt. You should contact your bank first and foremost and verify the authenticity of this request.

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