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XP SP2 is incompatible with certain hardware

I have Windows XP Professional installed on a machine with an Intel 865perl motherboard, P4 2.8E with Hyper-threading and 1 GB of RAM. I am currently using XP SP1, and Windows is installed on a SATA drive. When I go to the Windows Update site, SP2 is not listed as an available update. I downloaded SP2 from Microsoft and installed it.

When I rebooted my computer, it froze with the Windows XP logo. I tried rebooting many times and was unable to get to the logon screen. I tried safe mode and last known good configuration all with no success. I ended up having to restore a ghost image. Does SP2 not work with some hardware? Or does it not support SATA drives?

Yes -- XP SP2 is proving to be incompatible with various hardware, specifically with certain motherboard chipsets and video cards. That's to be expected given the enormous amount of hardware out there. I can't imagine your SATA drive being an issue. It sounds like you may have built this computer yourself. Your best bet is going to be to contact Intel and your video card manufacturer to check for info on compatibility and look for update drivers.

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