• August 31, 2005 31 Aug'05

    Patching Windows compared to Linux

    When it comes to Windows versus Linux, patching vulnerabilities is an often overlooked arena of comparison. In many ways, though, ease of patching can determine overall security, says security guru Jonathan Hassell. In this article, Hassell compares...  Continue Reading

  • August 29, 2005 29 Aug'05

    Deadline for SUS support extended

    Customers can no longer download the older version of Microsoft's free patch management tool, but they'll still be able to get software updates through the service for a little while longer if they are already using it.  Continue Reading

  • August 26, 2005 26 Aug'05

    Network safety relies on reaction time to Patch Tuesday

    Taking a wait-and-see approach before installing updates on Patch Tuesdays can leave your company vulnerable to attacks, thanks to zero-day exploits. Take some steps to provide your network assets have "defense in depth."  Continue Reading