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  • Win10 Hibernation Situation

    Ed Tittel 22 Feb 2019
  • For some users, the Win10 hibernation situation is such that normal defaults work just fine. For others -- especially those with restart or wake from sleep issues -- turning off hibernation can be ...

  • New MyOffice App Makes Office Ubiquitous

    Ed Tittel 20 Feb 2019
  • Starting 2/20/2019, a new MyOffice app makes Office ubiquitous. Works with local and remote executables, across multiple platforms and OSes.

  • Snipping Tool Snip & Sketch Printing

    Ed Tittel 18 Feb 2019
  • Snipping Tool Snip & Sketch printing presents problems when you want to print a screencap on a single piece of paper. Other programs include a"Fit to page" option. You should, too!

  • Another Free Win7 Life Extension

    Ed Tittel 17 Feb 2019
  • In announcing a preview of its Microsoft Virtual Desktop Azure-based technology, MS sneakily offers another free Win7 life extension. Very interesting!

  • Win10 Alternate Update History Sources

    Ed Tittel 12 Feb 2019
  • When an attempt to recover update history turns up zilch, I find two good Win10 alternate update history sources. They may come in handy if Win10 does you like it did me.

  • Meet PowerShell Core 6.0

    Ed Tittel 11 Feb 2019
  • Meet PowerShell Core 6.0, it's got your scripting needs covered on Windows, modern macOS versions, and many important Linux distros, too. Check it out!

  • So Long Venue Pro 11

    Ed Tittel 04 Feb 2019
  • When it fails all attempts to install 1809 or newer Insider Previews, I realize it's time to say so long Dell Venue Pro. Fortunately my even older ThinkPad X200T takes over without a hitch.

  • MS Store Offers Windows File Manager

    Ed Tittel 01 Feb 2019
  • Those looking for a Windows nostalgia trip need not look too far. Right now, the MS Store offers Windows File Manager a la Windows 3.1.

  • Prioritize Win10 NICs Using PowerShell

    Ed Tittel 29 Jan 2019
  • It's quick and easy to prioritize Win10 NICs using PowerShell. In fact, you can favor wired over wireless, or vice-versa, as you see fit.

  • Retiring Older PC Upon Long Service

    Ed Tittel 27 Jan 2019
  • When I hit a constant series of snags with upgrading to the latest Win10 Insider Preview version, I consider retiring older PC upon long service. Frankly, I'm torn up about this.