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1803 Equals Spring Creators Update

Now we’ve got proof of the next version name and build number for Windows 10. It’s now showing up in the so-called Skip Ahead release (Build 17618). If you run the Get-VMHostSupportedVersion PowerShell cmdlet on that build, it confirms that terminology and equivalence quite visibly. Of course, that’s why I entitle this post 1803 equals Spring Creators Update. Here ’tis:

1803 Equals Spring Creators Update

The final line equates 1803 and Spring Creators Update with version 8.3.

If 1803 Equals Spring Creators Update, Does That Really Mean March 2018?

Probably not. In fact, the last few releases have gone public the month after their four-digit version identifiers. Thus, for example, 1709 appeared in October 2017, and 1703 in April of that year. Likewise, 1607 showed up in August 2016. To be fair, though, 1511 did appear in November 2015, and 1507 just barely squeaked out in late July of that same year.

All this chewed over, I’d pretty much assumed that 1803 would appear in April rather than March. But I’m hearing rumors that the actual public release date for 1803 could be as soon as March (or what the number says it should be: 3rd month of 2018) to as late as June (3 months behind). As usual when a feature upgrade is approaching “real soon now,” MS isn’t saying just yet. We will have to find out soon, though, as time marches ever forward.

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