Windows Enterprise Desktop

December 2008

  • Who's Using Vista?

    Ed Tittel 26 Dec 2008
  • I keep reading all these stories about how nobody at the enterprise level is using Vista--or really, rather, that only a very small minority of enterprises have taken the plunge. Depending on how ...

  • Windows PE and the PE Walkthroughs

    Ed Tittel 24 Dec 2008
  • The Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) 2.0 delivers a basic, no-frills operating system with limited services and no GUI capabilities that's built upon the Windows Vista kernel. You ...

  • More about Windows Installer CleanUp

    Ed Tittel 22 Dec 2008
  • On October 15, I wrote a blog called "Toward a more positive Vista uninstall experience," in which I mentioned Revo Uninstaller and Microsoft's Windows Installer CleanUp utility. Recently, I came ...

  • Windows Vista SP2 Beta Publicly Available 12/4/08

    Ed Tittel 03 Dec 2008
  • I guess those guys at TechARP really must have some good sources: less than one week after they shared leaked information about release dates and content for Windows Vista SP2, Microsoft has ...

  • Rough Dates Leaked for Vista SP2

    Ed Tittel 01 Dec 2008
  • Adrian Wong's TechARP Web site (here ARP stands for "Adrian's Rojak Pot" not "Address Resolution Protocol" BTW) has been a reliable source of advance information about upcoming Windows Service ...