Windows Enterprise Desktop

October 2009

  • More Windows 7 Downloads

    Ed Tittel 23 Oct 2009
  • Gosh! There's so much hype and hoopla surrounding yesterday's Windows 7 launch that I'm almost disinclined to add to the clutter myself. But hey: a guy's gotta blog, so there's plenty of ...

  • Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Final Version Released

    Ed Tittel 21 Oct 2009
  • In anticipation of the upcoming GA (general availability) day for Windows 7 tomorrow (October 22, 2009) I've been checking in on the Microsoft Download Center regularly to see what's popped up ...

  • Other Win7 Shoe Drops on Thursday

    Ed Tittel 19 Oct 2009
  • OK, so here it comes. Windows 7 General Availability will occur in just three more days, on Thursday, October 22. I'm starting to see advertisements from HP, Dell, and others that indicate that ...

  • Let's trade one Reliability Monitor mystery for another, OK?

    Ed Tittel 16 Oct 2009
  • Anybody who's been reading these blogs for any length of time knows that I am enamored of the Reliability Monitor in Windows Vista and 7. Back in early September I wrote a blog entitled "Why ...

  • Patch Tuesday: 13 Bulletins on 10/13 Zounds!

    Ed Tittel 14 Oct 2009
  • Those inclined to see numerological conspiracy every time the number 13 pops up will want to take a deep breath before pondering Microsoft's release of 13 security bulletins for this Patch Tuesday, ...

  • Check out the MED-V 1.0 User Guide!

    Ed Tittel 12 Oct 2009
  • Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V 1.0) is software that uses Microsoft Virtual PC to provide an enterprise toolset for desktop virtualization. It lets admins create, deliver, and ...

  • As the GA date for Win7 nears, momentum grows, but...

    Ed Tittel 09 Oct 2009
  • I've been trolling the various blogs, the download site, and the news lately to keep up as the final pieces fall into place for the long-anticipated general availability date for Windows 7 on ...

  • Table of Features Exclusive to Win 7 Pro and Ultimate

    Ed Tittel 05 Oct 2009
  • All the way back on June 29, Ed Bott at ZDNet compiled a table of features that appear only in Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate (and by extension, also in Enterprise as well). Since early ...

  • Bott on Upgrading XP to Win7

    Ed Tittel 02 Oct 2009
  • One of the big bugaboos of Windows 7 is its inability to directly upgrade systems from XP to Windows 7. Considering that 80% of business users who run Windows are still running Windows XP (source: ...