Windows Enterprise Desktop

November 2009

  • At long last, production PC settles down

    Ed Tittel 29 Nov 2009
  • I may be asking for trouble, but it looks like I've finally gotten my production PC to settle down and behave itself. After about 13 weeks of ups and downs I've finally fixed all the drivers, ...

  • Where Windows 7 Starter Falls Down...For Me

    Ed Tittel 29 Nov 2009
  • OK, so I've been running Windows 7 Starter on a couple of netbooks and my wife's mini-ITX Core 2 Duo system for a couple of months now. And while I still like this OS, especially for its slim ...

  • Windows 8 Foreshadowing Now Underway

    Ed Tittel 25 Nov 2009
  • Here's an interested tidbit from Paul Thurrott's latest Wininfo Short Takes blog for November 25, entitled "New Windows Every Three Years? Yes, But There's More..." A number of publications have ...