Windows Enterprise Desktop

April 2009

  • Vista SP2 is Done, Done, Done But Not Yet on Tap

    Ed Tittel 29 Apr 2009
  • BitTorrent is turning into an unofficial prerelease mechanism for Microsoft software these days. It's cartainly become a nonpareil source for Windows 7 builds that's right in synch with Microsoft's ...

  • Installing an OS on x64 Vista insides Virtual PC 2007

    Ed Tittel 27 Apr 2009
  • OK, so I'm climbing a learning curve with x64 Vista and Microsoft Virtual PC that is at times frustrating, at other times just plain weird, but always interesting and even sometimes moderately ...

  • 64-bit Vista: Myths and Realities

    Ed Tittel 24 Apr 2009
  • For a long time now — perhaps even too long, if recent experience is any indication — I've avoided x64 Vista on my production and test machines. Myths and rumors about lack of drivers, stability ...

  • Sizing and Placing the Vista Pagefile

    Ed Tittel 08 Apr 2009
  • One question that I get frequently about Vista, especially from power users, tackles the size of its paging file. Remember, the paging file (which resides in a file named pagefile.sys on Vista ...

  • TX Legislature Inveighs Against Vista

    Ed Tittel 06 Apr 2009
  • On April 2, ComputerWorld reported that the Texas Senate included a rider in its 2009-2010 state budget that blocks state agencies from upgrading to Windows Vista without first obtaining written ...

  • Check Out Windows Springboard for Win7 Info

    Ed Tittel 03 Apr 2009
  • Thanks to a recent email from the Microsoft Learning PR rep, the ever-helpful Andrea Platt Dayal, I now know about the Microsoft Springboard Series, which she describes as a source of ...

  • My New Favorite Vista Epigram

    Ed Tittel 01 Apr 2009
  • I jsut read a marvelous story from the Sydney Morning Herald entitled "Windows 7 looking good, especially after Vista woes." It includes a brief but telling remark about Windows Vista to which I ...