Windows Enterprise Desktop

October 2010

  • Why my ISP sometimes drives me crazy

    Ed Tittel 25 Oct 2010
  • My ISP is Time Warner Cable/Road Runner, to whom I pay about $50 a month for so-called “Turbo Internet” service (which advertises download speed of 15.0 Mbps and a Turbo with PowerBoost mode that ...

  • Windows 7 Birthday Presents...For You!

    Ed Tittel 22 Oct 2010
  • In my blog yesterday ("Happy First Birthday Windows 7") I observed the one-year anniversary of Windows 7's General Availability release. This morning, I'm starting to see evidence that some vendors ...

  • Happy First Birthday, Windows 7

    Ed Tittel 22 Oct 2010
  • Today it's been exactly one year since Windows 7 was released to the general public — what Microsoft calls "General Availability" or GA. It's been a busy hectic year for the latest Windows OS, and ...

  • Windows 7 Family Pack Sales Now Underway

    Ed Tittel 15 Oct 2010
  • Right now for $149.99 (or $145 at Amazon, if you'd care to bargain hunt) you can pick up a 3-license upgrade pack for Windows 7 Home User. This is truly one of those "act fast, supplies are ...

  • Biggest Patch Tuesday Ever: October, 2010

    Ed Tittel 13 Oct 2010
  • Gadzooks! I almost fell out of my chair yesterday, when I checked Windows Update just after lunch, as is my usual wont on Patch Tuesdays. There were no less than seventeen (17!!) updates waiting ...

  • Selling/surplusing PCs? Replace and crush the hard disks!

    Ed Tittel 11 Oct 2010
  • I've been working on revising a couple of books lately — namely, the CISSP Study Guide (going into a 5th edition) and Computer Forensics JumpStart (for a 2nd edition; both books for Sybex/Wiley) — ...

  • Great Audio from PC to Sound System via ZZcoustics

    Ed Tittel 08 Oct 2010
  • Back in 2005, I had the privelege and the pleasure to work with Mike Chin (the guru behind and Matt Wright (a PC video maven who writes for sites like and ...

  • Post Windows 7 Upgrade Clean-up

    Ed Tittel 07 Oct 2010
  • As I was looking over the boot/system disk for my Dell D620 laptop this morning, I discovered a directory named $Windows.~Q that contained nearly 3 GB of data. Recognizing the leading $ (dollar) ...

  • Another Cool Boot-time trimming technique

    Ed Tittel 04 Oct 2010
  • I've been a big fan of the SysInternals stuff since the mid-90s, so it was with some interest that I noticed a recent update to their "ultimate Windows start-up management tool" Autoruns.exe on ...