Windows Enterprise Desktop

May 2010

  • Interesting Java Issue Pops Up

    Ed Tittel 27 May 2010
  • If you read this blog, you know I not only think highly of the various Secunia software monitoring products available — I use Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) for my personal machines, and ...

  • New Nitro PDF Knocks Your Socks Off

    Ed Tittel 25 May 2010
  • How often does life hand you an opportunity you’d jump on hard, with both feet, if given the opportunity to do so? For me—and I suspect for most of us--the answer to that question has to be “Not ...

  • Holding Up the Third Leg of the Tripod: Physical Security

    Ed Tittel 24 May 2010
  • Information security experts like to talk about a metaphorical three-legged security model called the security tripod, or more simply, the tripod. In this model, one leg comes from perimeter ...