Windows Enterprise Desktop

October 2012

  • Great article on USB Troubleshooting

    Ed Tittel 24 Oct 2012
  • Sandro Villinger and I have crossed paths many times in the past few years, originally thanks to writing for the same website: Tom's Hardware (originally a German-based PC enthusiast site, now a ...

  • Lenovo Support RSS Feed Delivers the Goods

    Ed Tittel 22 Oct 2012
  • Keeping up with new drivers is always tricky. In general Lenovo does a great job of making drivers available to its customers, but it's not always easy to tell exactly what's new (take for example, ...

  • As GA Grows Ever Closer, More Signs of OS Completion Pop Up

    Ed Tittel 19 Oct 2012
  • In the past couple of weeks, I've noticed an increasing number of signs that Windows 8 really is gearing up for full-scale commercial launch. For one thing, last week Lenovo posted a Windows 8 ...

  • The Continuing Windows 8 Flash Update Saga

    Ed Tittel 17 Oct 2012
  • On October 9, Microsoft pushed an update to Windows Flash for Windows 8, but Secunia PSI still reports that 11.x versions of Flash Player (both 32- and 64-bit now, in fact) still need updating: ...

  • Logitech Introduces Windows 8 Touch Devices

    Ed Tittel 15 Oct 2012
  • In the past several months, Microsoft has introduced special Windows-8 oriented peripherals including a variety of "touch mice" and keyboards designed to help conventional PC users maximize their ...

  • A Better Windows 8 Tablet? Kupa UltraNote

    Ed Tittel 12 Oct 2012
  • As of today -- Friday, October 12, 2012 -- the Windows 8 General Availability (GA) date is two weeks away. On Thursday, Oct 25, or Friday, Oct 26 (there are conflicting reports) Windows 8 will be ...

  • MS Puts Win8 on Patch Tuesday Schedule

    Ed Tittel 10 Oct 2012
  • Yeah, sure, yesterday was the second Tuesday of the month. As expected, MS dropped a sizable load of updates for currently supported Windows versions (14-18 for my various 32- and 64-bit Windows 7 ...