Windows Enterprise Desktop

March 2012

  • "Touch hardware and Windows 8:" Must-Read Blog

    Ed Tittel 30 Mar 2012
  • On Wednesday, Building Windows 8featured a post from Jerry Koh, group program manager, and Jeff Piira, test manager, both from the Windows 8 Human Interaction Platform team. The blog post is ...

  • Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

    Ed Tittel 28 Mar 2012
  • Anybody who's put much time in with Windows knows that keyboard shortcuts can really speed up system navigation and interaction. This is as true for Windows 8 as it has been for earlier versions, ...

  • Interesting driver status for clean Windows 8 installs

    Ed Tittel 26 Mar 2012
  • When moving from an older Windows version to a newer one where an upgrade path exists, the upgrade install option picks up and carries as much of the older environment into the newer one as it can. ...

  • Building the Windows 8-ready Desktop

    Ed Tittel 02 Mar 2012
  • OK, so yesterday was the day that I put together a brand-spanking new Windows 8 desktop system for my upcoming book Windows 8 in Depth (due out from Pearson in late October, 2012, or whenever ...