Windows Enterprise Desktop

January 2013

  • Win8 Gains New chkdsk Features

    Ed Tittel 30 Jan 2013
  • This morning, I was poking around on the Windows 8 Forums site, and found a nifty tutorial on the improved check disk (chkdsk) utility that's been built into Windows pretty much since Day 1 of its ...

  • Windows UEFI Install Info

    Ed Tittel 25 Jan 2013
  • In the past three or four months, I've messed around with various takes on installing Windows -- especially Windows 8 -- on PCs sporting the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, in lieu of the ...

  • More Benefits of Win8 Refresh

    Ed Tittel 23 Jan 2013
  • In my last blog, "What Gets Lost When Using Win8 Refresh," I recounted my adventures after running the "Refresh your PC" facility built into Windows 8 on a machine that refused to let me use the ...