Windows Enterprise Desktop

October 2014

  • Can HP Make a Comeback?

    Diana Hwang - Content Development Strategist 31 Oct 2014
  • Next month HP is expected to reveal a new PC product line up aimed at the commercial market, a little over a month after it split the company in two. But questions still remain as to whether the ...

  • Why eMMC Makes New-Crop Low-Budget Devices Cheap

    Ed Tittel 29 Oct 2014
  • Right now, you can buy an el-cheapo HP Windows laptop for $200. It's designed to compete with Chromebooks, while offering a more familiar (and complete) computing experience -- at least, in the ...

  • Windows 10 Strengthens Inbuilt Security

    Ed Tittel 27 Oct 2014
  • Last Friday, two interesting and complementary blog posts appeared, each with its own discussion of security in the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview version. The first comes from Microsoft ...