Windows Enterprise Desktop

April 2014

  • MS Relents on Win8.1 Update Application Timing

    Ed Tittel 21 Apr 2014
  • When I reported here on April 8 that the "Windows 8.1 Update 1 is NOT Optional," I was working from the then-current and correct understanding that MS would require all users to apply the Spring ...

  • Refresh Adventures Show It's NOT the "Same as Backup"

    Ed Tittel 16 Apr 2014
  • As I've observed many times in this blog over the years, I'm a hopeless tinkerer. This even applies to my production system when the whim strikes and time permits. My current production machine ...

  • WIMBoot Is the Secret to Leaner Win8.1 Update Installs

    Ed Tittel 14 Apr 2014
  • In spelunking around on TechNet, I've come across an interesting element in the latest Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK). It's called WIMBoot and it appears to explain quite nicely how it ...

  • Windows 8.1 Update 1 Is NOT Optional

    Ed Tittel 08 Apr 2014
  • Here's an interesting note from Michael Hildebrand's April 7 post to the Ask Premier Field Engineering (PFE) Platforms blog entitled "Exploring Winodws 8.1 Update - Start Screen, Desktop and Other ...

  • Windows XP "Retires" Tomorrow -- or Does It?

    Ed Tittel 07 Apr 2014
  • A couple of interesting stories in the news of late have challenged the conventional understanding that Windows XP will finally, finally shuffle off the stage on April 8, just as the latest Windows ...

  • Installing MSDN's Windows 8.1 Update 1

    Ed Tittel 04 Apr 2014
  • When you download the update from MSDN, the first odd thing you'll notice is that what shows up as a result is a ZIP file. Upon expansion, this is what the 64-bit version unpacks into: Update 1 ...

  • Win8.1 Spring Update on MSDN

    Ed Tittel 02 Apr 2014
  • [Update: 1:40 PM CST after Nadella's Keynote at BUILD ends] The Windows 8.1 Update downloads are now available via MSDN. Here's a screenshot of what's up there, straight from the lastest "New ...