Windows Enterprise Desktop

October 2015

  • Reset/Refresh Windows Update to Fix WU Errors

    Ed Tittel 05 Oct 2015
  • Occasionally, Windows Update will flake out on test or end-user machines that grab updates online. Typical symptoms include error codes like those documented in the KB938205 article "Windows Update ...

  • Handy Utility Displays IP Neighborhood

    Ed Tittel 02 Oct 2015
  • In getting a Windows 10 environment to work properly, one soon discovers that reloading printer drivers on some desktops proves necessary. Recently, I've found this to be mandated for the networked ...

  • Can Windows 10 tip the upgrade scales?

    Margaret Jones - Executive Editor 01 Oct 2015
  • Much of the buzz around Windows 10 has been about how it atones for the sins of Windows 8. Experts say that the new operating system is more similar to Windows 7, while still including some of the ...