Windows Enterprise Desktop

April 2015

  • Fixing 2 Win10 Build 10049 Gotchas

    Ed Tittel 06 Apr 2015
  • I've got two test machines upon which I'm running the latest Win10 build, namely 10049. In getting those machines up and running, I've found myself subject to 2 inadvertent gotchas along the way. ...

  • USB 3.1 Type-C Comes Closer to Your Desktop

    Ed Tittel 03 Apr 2015
  • "Why," you may be thinking as you read the title of this blog post, "would I care about a high-speed interface on my desktop when it's most likely to show up first and foremost on notebooks and ...

  • XP Holding Steady While Win8.* Versions Close In

    Ed Tittel 01 Apr 2015
  • Gadzooks! Has it really been 32 months since Windows 8 was unleashed on the world? Indeed it has, and supplanted even, with Windows 8.1 in February of 2014. But only now are Windows 8 versions ...