Windows Enterprise Desktop

May 2015

  • Another DISM tip for compacting Windows installations

    Ed Tittel 26 May 2015
  • While perusing the postings over at the Windows 10 Forums earlier, I caught an item there entitled "Trimming down Win10TP" that taught me a new way to use the Deployment Image Servicing and ...

  • Driver Cleanup Slims Down Win10 RecoveryImage

    Ed Tittel 25 May 2015
  • When I wrote a blog post on May 11 entitled "The Importance of DriverStore Cleanup," little did I know the post would turn out to be both useful and prophetic. But after investigating the disk ...

  • Reflections on Win10 Build 10122

    Ed Tittel 22 May 2015
  • The last couple of days have been exciting in my part of the world, mostly as a consequence of downloading, installing, and absorbing the latest Windows 10 build, 10122, which made its debut two ...

  • New Build, New Name, Lots of Win10 Action

    Ed Tittel 01 May 2015
  • Whoa! Has it really only been two days since the last time I posted? It seems like a lot more time has gone by than that, but perhaps that's because I've been pounding away at Win10 issues over ...