Windows Enterprise Desktop

August 2015

  • 75 Million Win10 Installations One Month Out

    Ed Tittel 31 Aug 2015
  • On August 26, 2015, MS made it known that the Windows 10 installed count had surpassed 75 million. A quick look at the calendar shows me that 8/26 is exactly four weeks after 7/29 (the day Windows ...

  • Just in Time for Win10, Win8.1 Eclipses XP

    Ed Tittel 26 Aug 2015
  • Every now and then, I like to drop in on the market share stats at to see what's up in the desktop world as monitored via that company's observations of the Internet. When I ...

  • Windows 10 and Device Drivers Revisited

    Ed Tittel 24 Aug 2015
  • In my recent efforts to upgrade and/or clean install Windows 10 on a whole passel of PCs lately -- a topic to which all 6 of my previous blog posts here have been devoted, starting on 8/10 -- I've ...