Windows Enterprise Desktop

October 2016

  • Current Branch or Extended Beta?

    Ed Tittel 31 Oct 2016
  • Since the release of AU has unleashed a raft of problems and issues for Windows 10s I find myself pondering the proposition: Current Branch or Extended Beta?

  • Windows.old Cleanup Tool Does the Job

    Ed Tittel 28 Oct 2016
  • For some odd reason recent Windows 10 upgrades keep using drivers from the previous version of Windows. The Windows.old cleanup tool fixes that.

  • Windows Update Alternatives

    Ed Tittel 27 Oct 2016
  • Windows Update alternatives are tools that handle Microsoft updates without requiring users to accept the company's "all-or-nothing" update delivery.

  • Repeat Cumulative Updates Need Cleanup

    Ed Tittel 05 Oct 2016
  • Microsoft pushed out 3 cumulative updates that hit my PCs in September. They appeared on 9/1, 9/13, and 9/26. After the third one came through at month's end, I found myself thinking: "I wonder if ...

  • Setting Windows10's Lockscreen Image

    Ed Tittel 03 Oct 2016
  • By default, MS rotates Windows 10 lockscreen images among a pool of its choosing; but setting Windows10's Lockscreen image yourself is easy. Here's how.