Windows Enterprise Desktop

May 2016

  • Avoid Win10 Upgrade Tricks

    Ed Tittel 25 May 2016
  • MS has rigged Windows Update to incent, incite and perhaps even trick users into upgrading to Windows 10. Read about their known Win10 upgrade tricks!

  • Windows 10 free upgrade clock is running out

    Eddie Lockhart - Site Editor 23 May 2016
  • IT administrators that don't have the ball rolling on a Windows 10 upgrade for their companies might be haunted by Will Smith's voice reading Raphael de la Ghetto's poem in The Fresh Prince of Bel ...

  • Why Upgrade Windows 7 to 10: Updates

    Ed Tittel 23 May 2016
  • Paul Thurrott has a killer reason to upgrade Windows 7 to 10: time. A clean Windows 7 install takes a long day but less than 1 hour for Windows 10.