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A Return to the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

I’m facing an interesting issue that I’m sure is at least somewhere on the minds of fellow Windows-focused IT professionals — namely, how well an upgrade might work from Windows 7 or Vista to Windows 8  in anticipation of the upcoming GA release of Windows 8.1 (a free upgrade to those with Windows 8 already installed on their PCs). To that end, I’m planning to bite the bullet this weekend, and try the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 on my production PC. To that end, I just re-ran the Windows 8 Upgrade Advisor to see what it could tell me about the upgrade-readiness and -worthiness of that machine. Here’s what I see after running the program, which took about one minute to run to completion on my Bloomfield vintage i7 930 based PC, with its ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard and other accoutrement.

Egad! 10 items to review. Hope it's nothing too serious...

Egad! 10 items to review. Hope it’s nothing too serious…

A click on the “See compatibility details” element reveals the following items, none of which looks distressing or even terribly serious:

Some items go away, some need updating, and some must be reinstalled. No biggie!

Some items go away, some need updating, and some must be reinstalled. No biggie!

I must say, I’m more encouraged by this result than I had initially expected to be. But in preparation for the upgrade this weekend, I’ll be making an image backup of the system as it currently stands, and also, turning it into a VM so I can keep running the same environment inside Hyper-V after the upgrade is complete, just in case — as I suspect might be more likely than this list of potential issues indicates — that some issues with the 290-odd applications I have installed on this machine might manifest after the move to Windows 8 is complete. Stay tuned: I’ll report on the results of this “big move” next Monday, October 7.

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