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Answering Key Windows 10 Questions

When I started working on SearchEnterpriseDesktop, I thought it would be easy. I was wrong.

The information that IT administrators need about Windows isn’t always easy to find—and it’s often difficult to digest. There are so many versions and editions of the OS, each with its own quirks, and every organization’s deployment is unique. As a result, Windows admins have some really important questions, especially when it comes to Windows 10: Is it really free? How do I get it? Should I upgrade? What do I need to know before I migrate? And how the heck do I get off Windows XP?

For starters, only some versions of Windows 7 and 8.1 are eligible for the free upgrade, and there are a few steps in the download process that might seem a little foreign. Getting continued updates from Microsoft is different in Windows 10, too. Instead of the monthly Patch Tuesdays of the past, smaller and more frequent fixes and feature updates will come down the pike. And as for the question of getting off Windows XP, the answer is simple, but it’s not one admins will necessarily want to hear: Get ready for a clean install.

Download this three-part handbook to get even more answers and learn about the shiny new Windows 10 operating system.

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