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Automation Possibilities for VDI Are Endless

Earlier this afternoon, I finished a story for that’s currently entitled “Automation Technology in VDI Environments.” Given that it usually takes a week or two before my submissions show up online I’ll provide a link to the final version right here when it goes live (and change the title if those with editorial authority decide that something a bit different or jazzier is needed to attract reader interest). What blew me away about researching this story is the hundreds of ready-to-run scripts one can find easily online, to help automate every aspect of virtual desktop infrastructure, from initial set-up and image construction, to VM deployment, applying patches and updates, and monitoring and managing fully operational VDIs.

MS Hyper-V home page

Microsoft goes out of its way to make Hyper-V and VDI automation simple and straightforward.

All you have to do to get a sense of the massive resources available for your use are to check out these mostly Hyper-V related resources online (no surprise, really, because the vast majority of these links come from Microsoft itself, in one guise or another):

There’s lots of really great stuff here that admins are hopefully already using. If that doesn’t include you, be sure to check one or more of these items out immediately. That means today!

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