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BAM! Here comes Win10 Build 10159

No sooner did I get Build 10158 installed than did Windows Update inform me that a new fast ring build (10159) was available. That’s the smallest build ID increment I’ve seen so far, and the shortest interval between fast ring builds, too. I’m in the process of installing it right now  — and hopeful that my Dell Venue 11 Pro will jump straight from 10130 where I left it before heading out on vacation, to 10159 directly, instead of forcing me to grind through both upgrades in sequence. So, I’m firing off both machines to see what happens…

According to, Gabe Aul of MS tweeted yesterday that “there’s some kind of surprise in this build” so I’m going to see if I can find out what that might be once I get the darn thing installed. Here’s a snippet of that post from Gabe, courtesy of Windows TenForums, that whets my appetite even more:

One day between releases; one surprise, coming up!

Further courtesy of the extensive back chatter on the Windows 10 Forum entry for Build 10159, I learned that lots of users experienced hangs when trying to download and/or install the latest build. So far, no such problems on my machines. I also learned there are now images on the Win10 sign-in screen (even as I’m still waiting for the upgrade to finish installing), which you can see on page 6 of the aforelinked forum post, if you like. And indeed the splash screen graphic has changed, and the sign-in screen features a pretty snazzy “light streaming in from a four-pane window” motif like that shown in the “page 6” link above. Total process took less than half an hour for the i7 4770K desktop, the Dell did skip 10158 and is currently downloading 10159, but it just finished the preceding regular updates, so it’ll be a while before I can say anything about that particular upgrade experience.

RDP login obligingly let me capture the new sign-in screen, for your perusal.

I guess that means Build 10158 is toast, and “Vive le Build 10159!” I’ll keep reporting on other new stuff as I find it. What a ride, eh? All I can say so far, is that the Enterprise version of 10159 activated itself automatically without me having to find and provide a key manually. So far, so good!