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Back to the Future with Windows 7 Deployment

OK, take note: the posting date for this blog is 9/25/2009. Now, take a look at this picture:

October 9 is still 15 days away!

October 9 is still 15 days away!

As I was poking around on TechNet looking for refreshed content related to Windows 7 (whose GA date is now less than a month in the offing) I stumbled across this Windows 7: Deployment item. I don’t want to intimate that Microsoft is misrepresenting anything here, nor can I imagine they’ve mastered time travel among their many patented and proprietary technologies. Instead, I have to speculate that somebody, somewhere goofed somehow and the wrong date field got supplied for this material (and all I can really say for sure is that it’s here on the TechNet site as I’m looking at it on September 25th).

Enough with the humor, already. What you’ll find in this Library element is a roadmap to all kinds of Windows 7 deployment tools and information. Major headings include Application Compatibility, Upgrade and Migration, and Desktop Deployment, with minor headings for the User State Migration Tool 4.0 and the latest version of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK for Windows 7).

Despite the gaffe on the date, there are some good pointers in here. You’ll probably want to have your laugh, then dig into the various materials linked here. Laugh first, enjoy next!

[Added later on 9/25/09]My latest TechNet Flash just popped into my inbox, and sure enough, Windows 7 is at the top of its coverage. Check out this snippet from that newsletter (it will eventually show up as Volume 11, Issue 21 on the TechNet Flash page, but it’s not there yet: they seem to hang two newsletters behind online).

Snippet from TechNet Flash Vol 11, Issue 21 9-23-09

Snippet from TechNet Flash Vol 11, Issue 21 9-23-09

To forestall the inevitable frustration at a picture of a link that isn’t really a link at all, click 10 Things to jump to that URL, or MDOP to jump to that one instead. Cheers!

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