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Back'n'forth with Win10 Update 10547

I’ve been working with Windows 10 releases since last Fall (about a year now) and have probably installed more than a dozen different preview releases during that interval. Nearly all of them have gone flawlessly, and in particular their handling of device drivers at nearly 100% accuracy and completeness has taken a real start turn along that path. That’s why I was both surprised and taken aback over the weekend, as I’ve had to work through multiple attempts to get the latest Fast Ring build (10547) up and running on my two test machines (a Dell Venue Pro 11 7130 tablet, and a home-built desktop PC with an MSI Z87-G45 mobo, i7 4770K CPU, and so forth).

Here’s what the OS ID info looks like after the new build is up and running.

Each of my installs failed in different ways. The desktop install ran all the way to completion but immediately afterward, I was unable to run Windows Update and equally unable to restore it to proper operation, so I had no recourse but to roll back to the prior build (10532) to keep the machine running and up-to-date. On my second try at the installation on the desktop, everything turned out OK and the machine appears to be running normally.

Alas, however, the VP11 tablet consistently fails at 32% through the “Upgrading Windows process,” at 5% into “Installing features and drivers.” This occurs at a point I’ve seen before that appears to be associated with the driver for the Synaptics touchpad built into the VP11 keyboard dock, where the process hung at exactly the same point. Looks like I’m going to have to grab the ISO for this build and try a clean install instead. (Sergey Tkachenko has posted a set of clean, malware free files on, and the Window 10 Forums include a nice tutorial on how to built your own ISOs from the .ESD files you can download direct from MS.) I’ll follow up with more information after I do the clean install thing later today.

[NOTE added 9/21/15 ~2PM Central, -06:00 UCT:
As I suspected, using Tkachenko’s already-prepared ISO for Build 10547 and the Rufus media builder tool to perform a clean install of the latest Insider Preview version worked like a charm. Alas, however, I had to alter the disk layout to get it to work inside the Win10 installer (the OS partition and the following partitions had to be removed before it would allow me to install). I’m not sure what the fallout will be for the factory pre-installed diagnostics and utilities on the VP11’s SSD, but I’ll be finding out. First, though, I have to reinstall all of my applications and utilities — a task that I expect will take me most of the evening after dinner. If I hit any further snags, I’ll follow up after that process is complete. I also have some driver issues to resolve, including:
1. The built-in Dell/Atheros 802.11 wireless network adapter is MIA
2. I have two entries in “Other devices” in Device Manager: one for Generic SDIO device, another for the SM Bus Controller. This latter item relates to the Synaptics touchpad, and the former relates to the SD card controller, as I know from prior experience with other Win10 versions.

DriverAgent and/or DriverUpdate has usually been able to address my driver issues, so I’ll tackle those next. More to follow, as and when it might be needed.