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Big Patch Tuesday Comes and Goes

Wow! I’m seeing lots of activity as per yesterday’s (July 9, 2013) Patch Tuesday. My Windows 7 machines report 30 updates, and my Windows 8 machines 28. Here’s the breakdown:

Patch Tuesday 7/9/2013
Windows 7: 30 Windows 8: 28
Security Update: 16 Security Update: 10
Other Update: 3 Other Update: 4
Office Update:7 Office Update: 11
Office Security: 3 Office Security: 2
Monthly Stuff: 1 Monthly Stuff: 1

All of the security updates are rated “important” and the security updates include the built-in Flash Player for IE10 on Windows 8, a couple of .NET 4.5 items, and several items related to TrueType fonts (widely used, so important to include in testing, planning, and deployment). Martin Brinkman’s coverage of the patches at (“Microsoft Security Bulletins for July 2013 overview“) provides excellent coverage of what’s in this latest batch, and includes this summary “seven security bulletins fixing a total of 32 different vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, the Internet Explorer browser [including a cumulative roll-up], the Microsoft .NET Framework, Silverlight, GDI+, and Windows Defender.” The actual MS Security Bulletin Summary for July 2013 provides the company’s official line on the security-related elements released this Patch Tuesday.

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