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Blogging Gets Back to Normal

Those of you who notice such things will recognize that my blogging frequency decreased dramatically over the past 5 months, culminating with my lightest month ever in April. It’s for the best reasons: I’ve been insanely busy with a big consulting project and also appeared as an expert witness in a trial that took place in Tyler, TX, at the US Fifth Circuit Court last week. The case is now over, and my consulting project is winding down (and ends on May 21) so I’m announcing that as of today, I’m back on my usual schedule of three times a week from here on out (and back up to 12 blogs monthly).

To those of you who missed me: “Thanks!” To those of you who didn’t, “Thanks, anyway!” And to those of you who could possibly care less: “Please keep up the good work!” I’ll be returning to my normal coverage of Windows enterprise desktop topics, including platform developments, news, and trends plus Windows 7 advice, information, and resources. If anybody’s got any burning questions, post them here, or look up my email on my Website at and drop me a line.

In my plans for the next few weeks:

  • Interesting alternatives to Windows XP Mode are becoming commercially available for Windows 7. I’ll take a look at several such products over the next month.
  • More information on Windows certifications and learning opportunities is in the offing, and I’ll cover those topics and programs as they go public.
  • Looks at some recent Windows 7 migration and deployment trends in various enterprises around the globe.

To one and all: “Thanks! It’s great to be back to a more normal (and I hope less hectic) schedule.”


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