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BlueScreenView Makes Great Crash Debugging Tool

In the past few years I’ve written about numerous utilities from Nirsoft, Nir Sofer’s superlative source for what he aptly describes as “small and useful freeware utilities.” Although it’s been out since April, I just came across mention of his BlueScreenView utility in the November issue of PC World (that issue isn’t accessible online just yet, but here’s an earlier, more detailed review by the same author entitled “BlueScreenView Relays BSOD Autopsy Results“).

I’ve worked with numerous crash dump tools for years, including the Microsoft Windows Debugging Tools, and have yet to find a better tool for quick, straightforward crash dump analysis than this one . (When it comes to detailed, down-and-dirty crash dump analysis, nobody knows this topic better than Windows maven Mark Russinovich: see Chapter 15 of his recent book, Windows Internals 5 for the best overview and discussion of this topic I know of anywhere.)

BlueScreenView doesn’t tell you anything the other tools don’t also tell you but it works quickly and presents the information in a readily-accessible and intelligible form (and lists all the crashes for which it can find dumps on your system). Take a look at this most recent output from my primary desktop system, which I loaded and ran a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I saw the events for August 19 through September 28, I immediately knew I had to go out and find a better ACPI driver for this PC. Since I did that on or about October 15, I’ve had no further ACPI problems with this machine (though as you can see I sat down this morning to learn that usbhub.sys had fomented a crash on this box. Sigh).

BlueScreenView lists dates and causes for all available crash dump files in a single, coherent view (click image for full-size view)

BlueScreenView lists dates and causes for all available crash dump files in a single, coherent view (click image for full-size view)

If you would like a fast understandable crash dump analysis tool, grab yourself a copy of BlueScreenView right away. You won’t be sorry you did. It comes in the form of a 52 KB zip file. To run the program simply unzip the contents into a readily accessible directory (you can even put a shortcut on your desktop, or pin the BlueScreenView.exe file to the Start Menu or the Taskbar as you may choose). It works like a peach with Windows 7 and Vista, and I suppose it’s just a matter of time before I’ll try it out with XP as well. Enjoy!

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