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Build 15031 Brings Dynamic Lock

Cellphones are such a vital ingredient of modern life that we bring them with us everywhere we go. MS exploits this truism in the latest build of Windows 10, 15031. There’s a new facility in the Sign-In Options called “Dynamic lock” that detect when the phone is out of Bluetooth range and locks a paired PC in response. Here’s a screen cap showing this turned on for my Dell Venue Pro 11 and my iPhone. It shows just how Build 15031 brings dynamic lock to Windows 10:

As is so often the case with new software from Microsoft, this comes with a catch. The Bluetooth control panel widget is MIA in Build 15031 (you won’t find it, period). Thus, you must go through the “Devices and Printers” interface to pair your phone with your PC, then visit the Settings app under Accounts, Sign-in options. Once the device is paired, you can check the box next to “Allow Windows to detect…” This instructs the PC to switch to the lock screen, and blocks casual access to those lacking credentials.

I expect this capability will extend into production Windows when the Creator’s Update goes live in April. It will be a handy extension to desktop security for Windows, but only as long as you remember to take your (paired) cellphone with you when you walk away from your desk. My record on that is pretty good, though — as is most people’s — so this should work nicely.

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