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CCleaner Gets Faster, Cleaner v5 Incarnation

Now that I’ve discovered an easy way to reliably get to and download the crapware-free “Slim” version of CCleaner, I’ve returned to using it on my PCs. Just recently, Piriform released a new major version of this tried-and-true Windows Utility (the current version is labeled v5.00.5050). It features a slightly different look, with flatter and crisper icons and a cleaner layout, as shown here:


Sure CCleaner v5 looks a little less cluttered, but what really makes it worth downloading is the speed increase.

The most noticeable thing about this latest release also helps to explain why I’m recommending it to fellow Windows utility connoisseurs and tool fanciers — namely, it’s gotten a definite and palpable speed boost. Because CCleaner cruises the file system to look for elements that could (or should) be deleted by way of clean-up, the speed of the tool is important to its users. My informal evaluation of the v4-vs-v5 versions is that the latest CCleaner incarnation is at least 30% faster than its immediate predecessor. In particular, it seems to buzz through the temporary Internet folders that Windows creates for Web browser downloads significantly more quickly than it used to. This makes the latest version entirely worthy of downloading and using, either to update already-installed versions, or to drop another nice new addition into your Windows toolbox.

About the CCleaner “Slim” Version
Late last August (8/27/14), I posted a blog right here entitled “Goodbye CCleaner, Hello Wise Disk Cleaner?” that explains that the standard version of CCleaner includes some additional third-party software, among which is a well-known advertising module called OpenCandy (see also “How to remove PUP.Optional.OpenCandy“). Users who wish to avoid bringing such tag-along software to their Windows machines can download the “Slim” version of the CCleaner program instead, providing they know how to do so. Here’s a recipe for grabbing that version:

1. Visit the Piriform CCleaner update page, then scroll to the bottom of that page.
2. Click the “No thanks” button at the bottom right of the page, to get to the Download page.
3. Scroll to the bottom of that page, and click the Builds link.
4. Click the Download button in the CCleaner – Slim box as shown here:


What’s the delta that the 3rd-party software adds? About 1.07 MB of “stuff!”

Assuming that the difference between the standard installer version and the slim version is the third-party software included in the former and missing from the latter, there’s about 1.07 MB of material involved in that delta. I, for one, am perfectly happy to work through this process each time I must upload a new CCleaner version, because while I appreciate its capabilities I have no interest in the tagalong software that might otherwise make its way onto my desktop.

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I am using the free version of this software, Is there any benefit of purchasing the full version?
The only benefits to using the full version are automatic updates with no hands-on effort required, and a quicker access to said updates when they come out (if you use the "Slim" version, it usually comes out a week after the bundleware and full editions). You also get real-time monitoring, which means regular reports from automated clean-up analysis. There's a Pro Plus version that also includes Defrag, file recovery, and hardware analysis functions, too, but I've never used that version and can't comment on those features for that reason. See for a comparison chart. --Ed-- --Ed--