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Check TenForums for Useful Win10 Info of All Kinds

I’ve been a big fan of the various Windows Forums sites for years. This tight-knit but small group of Windows mavens punches well above its weight class, and has had great success with similar sites for Windows 7 and Windows 8 pretty much since they first appeared. Thus, it came as no surprise to me that the same intrepid band has already put a Windows TenForums site together. What did come as a pleasant surprise, however, was how much useful content the group has already amassed on this still-new and emerging desktop OS. In particular, I want to give a special shout-out to their excellent Tutorials collection, whose total number is already closing on 60 in all, and which appears to be active and growing quickly as well.


The TenForums logo on top, and the tutorial categories underneath, just hint at the trove of good stuff available here.

Checking over the available tutorials can be a little challenging, because there are so many screens worth of information to peruse. That’s why the “Tutorial Index” that’s also available there can be helpful (though I wish they’d also produce a compact downloadable text-only version because perusing that list is itself a time-consuming process) to get a good sense of what’s available. I’ve already found a number of useful items myself there, so I’ll provide links to prevent the need for intensive scanning for others to find them, blithely assuming that what’s of interest to me might also be of interest to them as well. Here’s a list:

ESD to ISO – Create Bootable ISO from Windows ESD File (adds lots of useful information to my 10/24 post on this subject “New Win10 user? Build 9860 ISO for clean install“)

Hyper-V – Create and Use VHD of Windows 10 with Disk2VHD (lots of other Hyper-V tutorials as well)

Reinstall Windows Technical Preview with this media (new option in Boot Options menu: quick reinstall for Win10 TP that keeps only existing user accounts and associated personal files)

System Image – Create Hardware Independent System Image (lets admins create a Win10 image that includes a default user profile and additional post-install applications generalized to be hardware independent)

Upgrade to Windows 10 Technical Preview from Windows 7 or 8 (what you can bring forward from the earlier OS to the TP depends on which version of Windows you’re running: get those details here)

WinDBG – Install & Configure (how to install and configure the Windows Debugger, WinDBG, to perform “blue screen of death” or BSOD analysis)

If you want to learn about the Windows 10 Technical Preview, or would simply like to explore the information that’s available, check out the Windows TenForums today. And don’t forget the forums themselves, either: they’re active and you’ll find occasional gems among the forum traffic as well as in the tutorials.

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