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Check out NirSoft's USBDeview

Nir Sofer of Nirsoft has written lots of great utilities, several of which I use pretty regularly. Recently while looking for information to compare UFD speeds (UFD stands for USB Flash Drive, for those not already hip to this abbreviation) I was guided to a page that Sofer set up to report on the results of a somewhat recent addition to the excellent USBDeview program that you can download for free from his site. If you go looking for it yourself on the linked page, be patient: you need to scroll all the way down to the “Publishing Your Speed Test Result” heading to get to the link at Here’s a UI view of the program from my desktop:

Basic info about all USB devices known to device manager whether present or absent

Basic info about all USB devices known to device manager whether present or absent

The cool thing about this utility is that it has all kinds of snazzy, user-callable command line capabilities as well as the basic GUI you see here. This is cool because it lets people use the tool to perform various kinds of tests and measurements including a basic UFD speed test that reads and writes a large (1 MB) file to and from the device to provide a rough’n’ready metric for its read and write speed. Sofer has also posted results for hundreds of such drives on his site and you can use this info to compare devices to each other (actual speeds will vary depending on the speed of the USB interfaces into which devices get plugged and the chipsets and controllers that manage them — but this is useful, because as long as those elements remain the same, users should get the same relative speeds from devices they look at in Sofer’s list, though their actual performance will vary).

Check it out: it’s pretty neat!

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