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Chronic OneDrive/SkyDrive Problems Widespread

OK, I confess: I don’t always look at the Windows Reliability Monitor as often as I should. But when I did recently, I discovered an issue on my primary production Windows 8.1 desktop that further research showed me is pretty widespread. If you try a Google search on “SkyDrive appcrash” or “SkyDrive crashes daily” you’ll get a quick sense that what I’m asserting here — namely, that SkyDrive (formerly known as OneDrive) experiences frequent and regular stability problems on some Windows 8.1 (and other Windows versions’) installations — is more than just an isolated phenomenon. Here’s a weekly summary snapshot for the last week of July from the Reliability Monitor that illustrates what this PC has been experiencing over the past 5 weeks, during which time my stability index has wavered between a low of 2.2 and a high of 3.8:


For the week of 7/27, 12 critical events, of which 7 came from OneDrive.

Aside from establishing a new and unwelcome low-water mark for the reliability metric on any Windows OS I’ve operated, my research indicates that hundreds of users have been experiencing the same kinds of problems on some PCs, going back to the release of Update 1 in April 2014 (though there are some similar reports that predate this update, the volume increases markedly after April 9 when Windows 8.1 Update 1 was pushed out). Numerous causes are suggested that range from a corrupt or broken SkyDrive runtime environment, to issues with access to the OneDrive cloud ( related to SSH certificates and/or Trusted Web site status, to problems with OneDrive synchronization between local file copies and copies in the cloud.

None of the easy fixes suggested on or elsewhere appeared to work for me, until I took the tried-and-true approach to fixing broken applications/services. After uninstalling OneDrive via the “Programs and Features” applet in Control Panel, then downloading and reinstalling the current version from the PC|Mac download page — even though this resulted in a warning that I was replacing a newer version of the application with an older one (the download is designed for Windows 7 and 8, not 8.1, because OneDrive is pre-installed in the Windows 8.1 Update 1 image) — my problems appear to have abated.

This does not seem to be a universal issue for all PCs running Windows 8.1 Update 1, but it clearly afflicts some non-zero subset of such machines. Of the four tablets and notebooks I’ve got running that Windows version, and the four desktops likewise, Murphy’s Law apparently dictates that only my production PC be the one that’s thus afflicted. Go figure. As for myself, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the fix just finally applied will fix my issues for once and for all. We’ll see!

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