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Cisco Press Launches Annual Geeks-only Sweepstakes

OK, come on: you may balk at the “Geeks-only” term in my blog headline, but who else could possibly care about the Cisco Press Facebook Sweepstakes now underway? Here’s the deal: register to win, and you might qualify for a free Cisco Marketplace Store shopping spree or $1,000 in Cisco equipment (no 10GB switches fall under that heading, so sorry). Here’s the headline from the Cisco Press Lounge:


No kidding: register on Facebook and you could achieve a modest payoff in the form of Cisco Press books, videos, practice tests, and even some choice bits of Cisco gear.

Tell me this doesn’t make your heart beat just a little bit faster. Sure it does! Head on over to Facebook, and login to that Webpage to get yourself signed up. Who knows? You might actually get lucky (one person qualifies for a $1,000 gift card from a Cisco reseller, two more get $350 to spend at the Cisco Marketplace store, and seven others can claim three Cisco Press print or e-books of their choosing).

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