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Clean Up New PCs with PC Euphemism

Actually the name of the program in question is not Euphemism–rather you can read it from the domain name in the URL for the Subscription page where organizations and companies can license its use for an incredibly reasonable $20 per PC technician per year for any number of machines–but I can’t use the name directly even though it’s both fair and accurate because it apparently violates the “no-no” words list for this implementation of WordPress. Nevertheless, PC Euphemism is a useful and valuable program, as most readers will shortly understand when I describe its capabilities.

PC Euphemism is a tool designed to remove unwanted programs that vendors so often install on new XP and Vista PCs, especially those of the notebook variety. The basic program is free for  home use and includes the following capabilities:

  • Removes a long list of programs from PCs (settings are accessible on a per-program basis for those items that some admins may want to leave installed on machines their company or organization buys).
  • Works from a script, which may cause AV programs to complain (such complaints can be safely ignored, however).
  • Driven by user input as to what constitutes a euphemistic application: users can submit forms to request inclusion of more software in subsequent versions of the software.

The commercial/professional version of PC Euphemism includes all of the aforementioned features and capabilities, and adds the following items as well:

  • command line operation, with access to help file content (use the /h parameter)
  • autoremove option to remove ALL added software items, or those selected by DEFAULT
  • autoremovespecific enables admins to provide an explicit list of all items to remove by name
  • list option creates a list of all items that the program can potentially remove (use to create pared-down list for the autoremovespecific option)

As somebody who works with dozens of notebook PCs every year for reviews for Tom’s Hardware, I’ve learned to appreciate PC Euphemism as a valuable post-purchase clean-up tool. Admins who must prep machines for users should likewise find it helpful, particularly its command line list and autoremovespecific parameters. At $20 per technician per year, it will pay for itself in its first hour of use!

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