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Comedian Loves His Surface Pro -- It's No Joke

After a month of searching for the right person, I finally found him. I had to look under every rock but he’s really out there. It’s the lone guy on the planet who loves his Surface Pro and he doesn’t work for Microsoft!

Truly, it was a huge accomplishment to find someone who could wax poetic all about the Surface Pro and was willing to go on record without making sure any quotes needed to pass through the lawyers.

His name is Dan Nainan. Dan is a techy geek who travels the world billing himself as a clean comedian. The guy used to be an Intel senior engineer and for years gave technical demos with Andy Grove at major events. Along the way, Dan discovered he could make people laugh and now loves his new life as a comedian.

And, by the way, did I mention he loves his Surface Pro?

I asked Dan why he didn’t choose another vendor’s tablet given that the Surface Pro was a first generation device. He got all serious.

“It has to be able to run Windows,” he told me. “I look at Siri as a gateway for voice dictation. Its speaker independent and anyone can talk to an iPhone and iPad. But true voice dictation takes place when you use Dragon Naturally Speaking and that only runs on Windows or Mac.”

By that he means, the full package, not the Dragon Dictation iOS app for email and text messages. (In fact, Dan has written a book using the voice recognition package and is now working on another one. )

When the Surface Pro came out, Dan bought the 64 GB version.

“When I’m on the road, I can replace both my laptop and my iPad,” he recalled. In fact, Dan lightened his load by rolling his mobile content creation and consumption device into one.

I thought Dan would want the Surface Pro that had the most storage on it. After all he is a techy geek and don’t early adopters want the latest and greatest technology with the most storage?

The 128 GB device was sold out at the time, Dan explained. But he’s not too worried about having only a 64 GB unit because of the Surface Pro’s extra microSDXC expansion slot.

Dan has yet to try is loading up his workhorse Adobe Premiere video editing software on the device. The reason? He needs a bigger screen.

Is there anything Dan doesn’t like about the Surface Pro?

“Windows 8 takes time to get used to,” Dan conceded. I guess Dan suffers from the same issues that countless others have panned Microsoft for: The Windows 8 tile interface is a major change for anyone to get used to. (Thank God Microsoft had enough smarts to provide users with the desktop view).

“I like the touch screen and I use the pen once in a while. There is one USB slot and another one built into the power adapter,” Dan said. “But it doesn’t work.” Of course.

“The only thing I need to plug into is a USB headset,” Dan explained. I guess that’s why he hasn’t complained to Microsoft about the USB slot on his power adapter not working. He doesn’t really need it right now.

While there are probably other Surface Pro lovers somewhere out there, Dan is the one who happened to turn up. Microsoft should be grateful to Dan for evangelizing the Surface Pro, especially when the company is getting a very cool response to Windows 8 and Windows RT from the enterprise. I’m waiting for the Surface Pro to make its way into Dan’s act. Who knows what he’ll say about it then?

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