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Creators Update Out and Available

Late Wednesday, Microsoft pulled the trigger on making Windows 10 Build 1703. That’s when it made the Creators Update out and available to the general public. One need only visit the Download Windows 10 web page. Then click, the “Download tool now” button to grab the latest iteration of the Media Creation Tool (MCT). I verified for myself yesterday that using this latest and greatest mediacreationtool.exe does indeed create a version 1703 Windows 10 installer:

If you elect the “Create installation media…” option in the MCT, it now builds a Creators Update install environment for you.

Creators Update Out and Available, Now What?

Given that Microsoft says it plans to stage out the Creators Update incrementally as it did with the Anniversary update, access to 1703 through the MCT is a good thing. Why? That’s because this allows those are inclined to on Windows Update do just that. At the same time, the MCT provides a ready means for those inclined to upgrade to 1703 sooner rather than later do that, too. I find it interesting that MS has let this slip the week before the announced “official” release date of April 11. Could this be a positive payoff for the “Windows as a service model” emerging at last? You bet, because MS knows it can fix 1703 issues with cumulative updates as needed. Three of them have already been released, in fact, since 1703 hit the fast ring on March 20.

I’ve had two machines running this version since that date, and last week updated my Insider Preview test machine — a Surface Pro 3 — to the same release as well. At this point, it shows every evidence of being both stable and robust. Those inclined to track the Current Branch should be OK to upgrade over the next month or so if they’d like to wait on Windows Update. Those wishing to upgrade sooner no longer have a reason to hold back. And finally, those on the Current Branch for Business should take heart that all signs on the Creators Update are positive, and that things are looking good for a transition in the three to six month period during which business users hang back from the leading edge of production Windows releases.