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Curious About the Win8.1 Spring Update? Take a "Guided Tour!"

With the Microsoft Build conference teed up for next week, and the Spring Update to Windows 8.1 timed to more or less coincide with that event, I’d have to guess at least some readers are curious as to what this upcoming update holds in store for them. I missed my opportunities to grab all the update files for the upcoming release (there were two of them at various points in March), but PC World didn’t. Their author Brad Chacos has put together an informative slide show captured from a Windows 8.1 test system with the most recent versions of the upcoming update files that he could lay hands on. It’s entitled “Deep inside Windows 8.1’s spring update: New changes in pictures” and I strongly urge curious readers to pay it a visit, and flip through the 15 screens it contains (of which 13 actually present substantive content take direct from the new update itself).

The image on slide 7 in the PC World slideshow shows a snippet of the author’s own test Windows 8.1 Spring Update (Metro) Start Screen.”

The titles for the slides in the show provide a nice capsule summary of what’s inside Windows 8.1 Spring Update:

1. Is the third update the charm?
2. Boot to desktop by default
3. Metro apps on the desktop taskbar
4. Taskbar everywhere
5. Mouse-friendly title bar menus for Metro apps
6. Right-click context menus on Metro Start screen
7. Power, Search buttons on the Start screen
8. New apps installed notification
9. Show more apps on Apps view screen option
10. IE interface tweaks
11. Media files default to Windows Photo Viewer and Media Player
12. Hello, OneDrive!
13. Disk space menu in PC Settings
14. Reduced system requirements
15. Anticipation BUILDs

I’ll be watching MSDN this week to see if the Spring Update doesn’t appear a little early there, as it sometimes does. Count on hearing from me as soon as a legit version pops up anywhere! Ready or not, it’s coming soon…

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