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DISM Defaults Finally Working in Win10 Build 10074

Like many other beta testers for Windows 10, I reported early on (around build 9879, if memory serves) that the deployment image servicing and management facility, better known as the DISM command, wouldn’t work without an explicit sources reference in the command line (see TechNet and MSDN for syntax and semantics info). I’ve been checking this capability with each new build since then, and hadn’t seen any progress until Build 10074 was released last week. Here’s a screen cap of the CMD (command prompt) window, with some visual proof for this assertion:


No more error messages when you run the default DISM with /Cleanup-Image and /RestoreHealth options!

For those not already using DISM, the tool is designed to replace the pkgmgr, PEImg, and IntlConfg tools retired with Windows 7. It provides a centralized console from which to create and manage Windows images, package them for deployment, maintain them with updates and added post-install executable elements, provide additional fonts and language support and, in the words of the infamous and notorious old Ronco ads: “Much, much more!” The particular command above is useful to restore the health of the currently running image on a Windows PC, and should be an early go-to in any Windows admin’s fix-it routines and procedures. That’s why it’s so welcome to see its defaults finally working as advertised or promised in Build 10074.

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