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DISM-SFC Mismatch in Win10 Persists...

On December 4, I reported a mismatch between DISM and SFC for Windows 10 in Build 10586.17. It is apparently related to conflicting versions of the opencl.dll driver file associated with Nvidia graphics adapters, where the OS is looking for a smaller Microsoft-supplied version and the runtime environment generally also comes equipped with a larger, OEM-provided version from Nvidia itself (file sizes are 30K vs. 110-120K). Since that time, a new version of the Nvidia driver has been released (361.43) and the build number for Windows 10 has incremented to 10586.36 on the Current Branch. This morning, I tried the combination of DISM and SFC commands shown in the following screenshot, only to observe that the mismatch has not yet been fixed:

Despite changes to both sides of this mismatch since 12/4, the opencl.dll issue persists.

For the time being, unless CBS.log from SFC reports corruption in files other than opencl.dll, it’s probably best to rely on DISM to check for potential file corruption issues in Windows 10. I’ll keep checking this issue as new Nvidia drivers and new Windows 10 cumulative builds become available, and let you know if and when this mismatch disappears.

One more thing: as the foregoing screencap shows — it come from my Surface Pro 3 which hosts only Intel HD 5000 graphics from the unit’s i7-4650U CPU — this problem is not limited to PCs that host Nvidia graphics adapters, as I had originally believed. It apparently affects all Windows 10 PCs (like my Surface Pro 3) whether or not they have Nvidia graphics installed. Given this breadth of impact, I’m a little surprised that MS hasn’t yet fixed this problem.